Episode 101 - Hello World

Episode Hacks/Tech:

Light-up swords

A notice board that disguises the front entrance of the clubhouse

A DIY knock lock

Watch Rebelle and Ava fight to the death with their light-up swords as they glide and joust across the room on rolling chairs, inspired by this XCKD comic. Ana and Rebelle hastily taped some glow sticks to their foam swords but if they had more time they might have made a light-up sword like this tutorial from Adafruit!

For your inside scoop: The Notice Board covering the girls' clubhouse door in the library is based on a real MIT Prank. Food for thought if you ever want to hide your own secret room!

OK, but can we talk about how cool that secret knock was? Ava must have used an Arduino kit to create the controlled DIY lock and OMG I need one for my room! #NoParentsAllowed!

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Episode 102 - Shyness in BPM 

Episode Hacks/Tech:

DJ Helmet

DJ Software

Lighting Design

Let's talk about that dance prank! Rebelle made Frances a light-up DJ Helmet to disguise her identity! IRL you can make all kinds of fashionable customized light-up projects! Like a badge that reacts to your heartbeat, Firewalker LED Sneakers or a skirt that sparkles!

DJ software! Frances is a DJ genius. If you love music as much as she does, check out the world's first codable music video from Doja Cat and Girl Who Code!

Lighting Design - The L.A.S.S. girls put together some impressive lighting tricks for that dance! Did you know there are people who design light for a living? Next time you go to a concert or watch a theatre production - watch the stage lighting shift from moment to moment telling you something different about the music or story with each change. There is a team of people whose job it is to hang, focus and program all of those lights to make magic! Check it out! To get started or if you just want to add some chill vibes to your room with Bluetooth controlled LEDs!

Episode 103 - The Prisoners Dilemma

Episode Hacks/Tech:

An amethyst GPS tracker

White Hat, Black Hat

The girls are sneaky this episode when they give Mrs. Hein a pendant that has a GPS tracker inside. Of course, being a moral person, Tina refuses to share location stats on someone without their knowledge. Even thought Tina's defiance makes Ava's brain short-circuit, they still let Tina into the Secret Society.

Some people )including Mrs. Hein_ believe that wifi radiation is harmful (Spoiler Alert: it isn't). Some people also believe that crystals have "powers" that shield you from electronic radiation (More Spoilers: they don't). Everyone is free to believe what they want to, but unfortunately science doesn't back them up on those ideas!

Did you think Tina was talking about coloured hats for no reason? Think again. In internet lore a “white hat” refers to an ethical computer hacker, or a computer security expert, who specializes in testing software to ensure the security of information systems. A “black hat” hackers are criminals who break into computer networks with malicious intent. They may also release malware that destroys files, holds computers hostage, or steal passwords, credit card numbers, and other personal information.


tl;dr use your hacking powers for good!