Ava, Tina, Rebelle and Frances secretly operate a computer club while trapped at Lady Booring’s School Of Traditional Wisdom For Young Ladies, a hyper-traditional private school where computers, smartphones, and other modern necessities are banned. Each girl was sent there as punishment for a different perceived “fault” in the hope that Lady B’s will instil some lady-like qualities in them.

Planning a huge year-end prank designed to ruin the school’s reputation becomes their ultimate rebellion and the only power they wield in response to the oppression. Comedy runs amok because, let’s face it, girls are simultaneously weird, funny, and gross. There are also betrayals, trolls, romances, and (eek!) school dances with the boys from McCall Hall. Anyone is welcome in Lady Ada’s Secret Society as long as they keep to the code.

Creator/Writer/Producer Shannon Fewster

Producer Joshua Demers

Executive Producer Davin Lengyel

Starring Ella Jonas Farlinger, Saara Chaudry, Glenna Walters, Claire Qute & Terri Hawkes

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